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A Brief History of Shalom International

Yes, we are Jewish. Big Time!


Shalom International began in 1989 and we have done 150 anti-Nazi events and over 1500 news interviews since.

We've been to 31 'death camps' and have advocated that the Jewish community take back those camps as our holy ground and not leave it in the hands of the Vatican and those who would put up crosses, discotheques, or amusement parks etc.  for example at Auschwitz where millions of Jews were slaughtered.

If we leave it in the hands of those who participated in the Holocaust to interpret, revise and commercialize what happened, we dishonor those who perished, let alone immorally allow it to be repeated.

We organized in 1992, a "Remember the Holocaust" event at Dachau Death Camp, near Munich when the G-7 Summit of world leaders were meeting in Germany for the first time. We preceded this memorial event with 500, by marching 17 miles first from the Olympic site in Munich to remember

the Israeli athletes massacred there in 1972.

We organized the biggest anti-Nazi demonstration at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach in 1993 with 5000. We also made sure the Cuban politics wouldn't use the word "holocaust'

to describe their experience with Fidel Castro.

We protested at the Holocaust Memorial in Wash., D.C. for the director was allowing Poland to put up crosses, disco etc. at Auschwitz, which was neither his right but set a disastrous precedent. He would be fired as a result.

In 1994 we kicked off our Boycott Germany for Crimes Against Humanity then and now, with exposing and opposing several hundred thousands of new Nazi attacks since reunification in 1990. We took this to the U.N. Human Rights Conference in Vienna, Austria with 10,000 in attendance. As usual, most Jewish groups didn't want to discuss the new Nazis let alone old Nazis.

We also took our campaign to the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, In Normandy, France and the German Embassy in Paris, and G-7 Summit in Naples, Italy.

In 1995, we went to the 50th Anniversary of the liberation of the death camps with our 20 ft. banner that read: "Purge, Extradite and Prosecute All Nazi Murderers" and with Government permission from Germany, Poland and Austria and Holocaust Survivor organizations took this banner to
Auschwitz/Berkinau, Bergen-Belsen, Newgammon, Dachau, Buchenwald, Mauthausen and a number of other death camps.
For example at Auschwitz, 4000 ran this killing machine but only 50 were ever put on trial and we wanted to know why the murderers were still loose.

We were the ONLY Jewish group to go to all these camps and with this message.
We also had permission to be at the Bundestag in Bonn, and at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin for the official end of WWII with the key 4 nations represented.

We also put out thousands of bumper stickers to boycott McDonald's for opening an operation near Dachau and did protests on this at the G-8 Summits in Denver, Co. and Birmingham, England. Also in NYC, London, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta Olympics and a dozen other cities.

We also protested at the Polish Embassies in London and Wash., D.C. and Polish Consulates in Chicago and NYC for putting up disco, crosses and desecration at Auschwitz.

We led 1500 to protest in front of the White House in 1999, when the Nazis wanted to march there and because we showed enmasse and peacefully, the Nazis chose not to show up.

We've protested at the Saudi Arabian embassy in D.C., as well as the Iranian.

In 2000, we organized a protest at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem when Pope John Paul II was there and we wouldn't let the Vatican revise that Pope Pius XII wasn't Hitler's Pope and this Pope wasn't Arafat's Pope and that $millions in Jewish artifacts stolen in the Holocaust were under the Vatican and yet to be returned to the Jewish community, let alone the Vatican 'rat line' that allowed the Nazis murderers to escape, the survivors of slave labor and the death camps to be ignored on compensations and even on their own existence.....to be ignored.
We got 80 international media just on this protest.

We never gave up on these issues and because of it, we learned not only that our morality on these matters was acutely credible, but that while we pointed fingers and blame for the past, those who were guilty backed off and were on the defense. When Holocaust was forgotten, it was Israel vs. the Palestinians and Israel was on the defense, and constantly giving up land for some phony 'peace' that never occurred.

You can see both our strength and resolve and when we said NEVER AGAIN, we meant it.

We were always peaceful but always on the offense and demanding accountability,

responsibility and from all factions not to use or abuse the Holocaust.

Israel's negligence of this issue and its relationship to the survivors themselves is why Israel struggles so poorly in world opinion in not telling its own story which is 5000 years old, not just since 1948.

We've twice protested at the Israeli Consulate in Miami that Jerusalem isn't for Sale and that it belongs to every Jew ever murdered for being a Jew let alone Jerusalem belong to every Jew in the world and Israel strictly the caretaker of this holy city. Our Covenant with G-d, no one can give away or divide.

This is a brief background of our visibility and activism and while other organizations walked away from it all, we were always there to defend the truth and our own self-respect and not to sell our brothers and sisters into slavery, nor to forgive or forget those who did and why today's mess.

From Hitler to Hamas, the Holocaust Continues.

We also made up thousands of bumper stickers: "Remember 9/11, Boycott Arab Oil" we put out in 2001.

We have been the conscience of the community and blessed with this ability

to tell our story and demand justice.

Yours Faithfully,  Bob Kunst - President
Shalom International
P.O.Box 402263

Miami Beach, Fl 33140

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Miami Beach, FL, USA

(305) 864-5110


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